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Quantum-Safe, All-use Digital Money.

In front of the Biggest Revolution in Banking Ever

If you need to establish a payment regimen in a small or large community,  BitMint Money is your choice: simple, secure, private phone-to-phone, small or large payment, local or remote.  Combining the best of legacy money with the best of the Bitcoin revolution -- innovating a superior payment solution.

The BitMint Universal Payment Solution supports a public ledger based easy payment regimen among phones and other computing devices -- at quantum grade security, with cash-like privacy; complemented with robust offline payment capability, and with Internet of Things device-to-device payment. The BitMint UPS is metaverse friendly. 

BitMint is unique to the extent that it does not generate money per se; it generates a digital claim check for money (or any transactable valuable) held ready for instant redemption. The state of being redemption-ready renders the BitMint digital claim check into a de-facto transactable currency. 


Unlike Bitcoin and many of its variants the BitMint digital claim check enjoys a fixed redemption value.

Unlike Bitcoin and its variants, the BitMint digital claim check protocol is not vulnerable to a crack in a singular mathematical algorithm (the elliptic curve), but is built on algorithmic mutation, which evolves faster than any cryptanalytic capability.

Unlike Bitcoin and its variants, the BitMint digital claim check offers ultimate privacy to all traders, but will render a claim check unredeemable per a competent court order.  

Unlike Bitcoin and many of its variants, the BitMint digital claim check protocol, the cryptography, the key management are discreetly handled by the money storing computing device, while the human operator only identifies the sum to be paid, and the identity of the payee.


Unlike Bitcoin and its variants, the BitMint digital claim check protocol may be established on a very small scale because it does not require a minimum count of peers’ approval. 

The BitMint UPS is ready to serve a small and large payment regimen, locally or remotely. BitMint simply transformed the pre-cyber cash to post-cyber cash.


A 90 Seconds BitMint Tutorial

BitMint Intellectual Properties

US PATENT 11,107,156:

The BitMint digital money flagship patent: specifying the methodology for the BitMint financial language, how to express money in all its forms: cash, credit, debit, investment instruments. How to store and transact money securely and efficiently. This BitMint money offers full privacy for ordinary payors and payee, while providing means to enforce court orders on suspicious transfer of money. This patent specifies a cascaded format to track any financial complexity in a mathematically simplified form, amenable to computer manipulation, ready for conditional payments and for means to extract greater social impact from the national currency.

US PATENT 11,062,279:


This patent creates a new basis for payment trust. When we pay with banknotes we trust the money, when we pay with credit card, or with peer validated system, we trust the payor. With this invention a third option becomes available: trusting the wallet. The physical wallet commands trust because its identity can be ascertained through billions of measurements and physical properties -- the ultimate way to ascertain physical identity. This identification technology is applied to the payment device, which then passes its trusted validity to the payment bits that emerge from it. This hard wallet gains the trust of the payee without having to connect real time to the internet. It therefore allows for digital payment without global connectivity. And by having one such trusted wallet pass money to another trusted wallet, then the trust of the original wallet is passed along to the second wallet, and from there to the third, etc. All together a society holding such trusted hard wallets will conduct payment cash like even with persistent lack of global connectivity. In other words, this invention will keep payment continuity while the Internet is down, and do so indefinitely. The hard wallet will confer its trust to the money inside and to the software inside. The wallet can be secured to its owner via a bio port. The hard wallet works with BitMint digital coins as well as with other than BitMint digital coins. It provides the ultimate solution to the paramount requirement of payment continuity under all conditions. 

US PATENT 9,471,906:


This patent is a simplified version of the hard wallet. It is a physical coin commanding trust through the integrity of its shell, designed to be so brittle that any attempt to tamper with it will cause it to shutter to hundreds of small pieces. And therefore if handed over in one smooth piece, the shell is to be regarded as untampered with. And if the shell is trusted, then the payee will trust that inside the shell there is a memory (microSD) containing digital money in the denominated amount of the coin. As long as the shell is kept intact the coin will be passed around like a regular coin. When the shell if broken the digital money therein is uploaded and used. This simple payment solution can be used for store gifts, loyalty money, goodwill money etc.

US PATENT 8,229,859:

This original patent contains the foundation of the BitMint vision. It features an important novelty: delegation of authority to authenticate a transaction. The patented methodology will allow a central authentication authority to delegate that authority to subordinate centers, who could further delegate the authority below them, creating a vast hierarchical network to efficiently serve the trading public. While the authenticated money is envisioned to be BitMint money, this is not a requirement. Delegation of authority to authenticate transactions can be applied to a wide range of digital money solutions. By applying it one resolves the vulnerability of dependence on a single all-knowing database. This patent creates the power to trickle down authentication power without exposing the original database to the delegated stations.

US PATENT 10,965,460:

This patent extends the BitMint financial language to store money and loyalty cash, leveraging the power of stores to use their current customers as recruiters for future customers. This very efficient way to grow one's business is carried out via cryptographic means applied on the BitMint coin which has not only a value but also an identity -- making it trackable, and guidable. A host of new imaginative ways to grow one's business are being developed on the basis of this fundamental patent. 




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