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Not a Math Money,  a Physics Money.

Digital Coins Established on Quantum Randomness

Money Minted from a Rock of Randomness

Crypto Currencies are born in the womb of algorithmic complexity, and will vanish at the very moment computers and advanced math will diffuse that complexity.  

Quantum Randomness represents the most profound level of scientific knowledge -- a most fitting foundation for the emerging digital money with all its global implications.


Money was 90% digital before Bitcoin and BitMint. What Bitcoin did, and BitMint did before, is to elevate digital money from a number into an entity, from a value into an identity, from a measure into a treasure. Bitcoin rose to prominence on its decentralization attribute, while BitMint waits for broad based recognition of the role of central banks, as we keep developing, refining and optimizing this pioneering identity-bearing framework for the exchange of value.

BitMint Loyalty
BitMint P2P

BitMint Loyalty Platform offers you maximum flexibility to fashion rewards as well as inducement to customers and prospects. Top security, transferability, online and off-line.

Only with BitMint P2P you can pay digital money off-line; pay and get paid cash-like, without identifying the other party.  BitMint P2P circumvents the mammoth card-payment networks (Visa, MasterCard, etc...)

We identified BitMint as the only candidate qualifying as a universal digital representation of worldwide currencies.

"Digital Marketplace Unleashed"  Springer 2017

BitMint is a new idea of digital cash. It breaks with all historical conventions of secure money. It solves the "change" problem. And it offers more than just money. 

Giesecke & Devrient , Munich, Germany, 2017

BitMint Credit

BitMint mints 'negative coins' which are passed around as credit, using the same platform as cash. New versatility,  and new efficiency.

BitMint Social Justice

Setting up BitMint Life Cycle Coins that are pushed at the bottom end of a community, and are eventually taxed at the high end, with market forces steaming ahead in between.