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Cyber money is magic, and for a while it can be transacted on hope and expectations.   Alas,  we need our money when hope is fading and fear is rising.  For money to be there, rain or shine, it must be anchored on the most solid assets we can identify. A combination of them, is best.

BitMint digital money solution is anchored on solid assets.  The BitMint digital coin is really a claim check for a specified amount of those assets. 

The BitMint digital coin is redeemable for the amount of assets it was purchased for.   Don't confuse BitMint with so called 'stablecoins' that rely on complex probabilities algorithm that work until they fail, and sink the digital coin founded on them. 

Go BitMint!

Read the global vision for digital money founded on the sum total of humanity wealth. And as such its value cannot fluctuate because it has no reference to fluctuate against.
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