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BitMint Innovation Index Coin (BIIC)

BitMint is preparing to launch the BitMint Innovation Index Coin which will be backed by equity in the BitMint Innovation Index Investment Fund (BIIIF). BIIIF is based on the Innovation Solution Protocol applied across the innovation landscape. It resembles a regular index fund only that stocks are rated based on the expected innovation productivity behind them. The metrics for the Innovation Productivity of a stock is computed according to the innovation appraisal protocol. Stocks driven by highly productive R&D are rated higher, and the BIIIF invests accordingly.


BitMint innovation index coins will be backed by a specified fraction of the BIIF, and will be traded like cash -- securely and anonymously .

The D&G Sciences -- Innovation Productivity Corporation Innovation Appraisal Engine points the fund to attractive stocks based on the core data of the stock -- its innovation productivity expectation, and hence it is the investment choice for the intelligent and innovation minded investor.

The BIIC is still on the drawing table, but registration by interested parties has begun. You can pre order a BII coin at issue price, which is expected to rise instantly as trade begins. Inquire for details.

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