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Digital Loyalty Money:
A Treasure Trove of Possibilities

Coupons, air-miles and the full variety loyalty money has been the spark plugs for many trade and commercial campaigns. They were also easy target for fraud and misuse. But now we have a new technology to be taken advantage of: the same technology that revolutionized the notion of money per se. Digital loyalty coins can be minted the very same way that central bank coins are to be minted. This new implementation route invites creative exploitations. 

BitMint has so far touched but the edge of this new vista. We offer digital loyalty money that enjoys the full security we built for national currencies. The BitMint loyalty coins move fast, split at any resolution, and are being traded between people who have no account with the loyalty store, no account with any financial institution. It is in many ways cash-like. In fact our most edge-wise implementation regards coupons as cash-reversal. This opens a new range of acceptance, endurance, and versatility. BitMint loyalty money implements the smart contract concept for digital coins, thereby guiding the use of the loyalty coins to serve the interest of the minting store. 

The most recent development calls for BitMint digital loyalty money to be used in "Paradox Trading" -- where the loyalty coins enjoy buying power for a well defined time interval, after which they vanish.

Coupons and loyalty money traditionally require an expensive start-up campaign. The BitMint Loyalty solution offers small businesses a standard loyalty platform, tailored to their brand and to their handling policy.

If you plan a new loyalty money campaign, you don't want to use a solution that is not of the grade used for cash-like digital money. 

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