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Payment Network Skeleton Security®

Consultation, Design, Tool-Box

Network Skeleton Security® is a methodology that is based on robust security for a core element of a network. The core -- the skeleton -- will retain its integrity when the surrounding network is compromised. This approach has unique application for payment network. The large sums of money will be kept in the skeleton, so that if the payment network is compromised, only the small accounts are exposed. Particular account of a high load, H, will be partitiioned to a daily traded amount D to be managed in the surrounding network, while the balance (H-D) will be kept in the Security Skeleton®.


If needed the (H-D) large account will be separated to a new small account, D' and the balance H-D-D' remains in the Skeleton Security® so that at any moment the bulk of money in the network is well protected.

As to the skeleton® tools, the most important of them is the hardware secure subnet: a subnet (Skeleton network) of computing centers which accepts only data flow that was decrypted by a physically secure Data Access Box (DAB). Thereby only data that was previously encrypted by a matching DAB will be able to inject into the Skeleton computer any message of meaning. A set of such computers that only accepts decrypted information will form the Skeleton®. The data it holds will be used to rebuild the surrounding network for which the secure network serves as a skeleton.

The practice and the tools are covered by BitMint know how and by a series of BitMint patents
(6,823,068 * 8,229,859 * 9,471,906 * 10,395,053 * 10,445,730 * 10,467,522 * 10,523,542 * 10,541,808 * 10,541,954 * 10,594,480 * 10,608,814 )




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