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Doqumint: Document and Banknote Quantum Randomness Authentication  Technology 

Pattern-Devoid documentation
3D printers and AI generated images have caught up with current material identification technology. Counterfeiters can readily match any refined identification pattern that document and banknote manufacturers can fabricate. The answer therefore is to avoid any established pattern.

Introducing pattern-devoid documentation and material identification. Using quantum randomness through nanotechnology to fabricate documents and high-end banknotes to secure billions of numeric measurements characteristic of a unique material entity.   

A subset of these measurements is published on a public ledger. A field authenticator of the document or the banknote will, on-the-fly, measure any number of these measurements and compare them to the data from the public ledger.  The published subset changes periodically to make it impossible for any counterfeiter to defeat the system.

Special use: spotting AI-constructed facial images -- a technology that allows fraudsters to falsify personal licenses and identification cards. They cannot defeat the Doqumint. Why? Because fraudsters identify pattern and emulate it, e.g. security threads in banknotes. But Doqumint-Banknotes are pattern-devoid, and hence fraud-resistant.
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