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BitMint Money Solutions

Cash-Like Phone-to-Phone Anonymous Payment

Transacting Digital Claim Checks for Cash and Valuables, fully anonymous, stablecoin, Internet-Wide

Chain of Custody Digital Coin Transactions

Full accountability, fraud-resistant closed-payment systems, contract-tethered money

Central Bank Digital Currency

Using BitMint Financial Language to organize financial data in banks, in credit, in investment, and in publicly transacted digital coins.

Off-Line Digital Payment

Digital Money moves around Trusted Hard-Wallets.  These innovative wallets are nano technology manufactured,  fraud-resistant due to quantum randomness construction.  Hard-Wallet payments are final;  their protocol is enduring. 

IoT Payment

Device-to-Device payment solutions,  pay-as-you-go payment solutions, micro-services payment solutions, time-driven payment solutions.

BitMint Guidance

Before we build and deliver our products we talk, analyze and guide. Few of our guidance clients go elsewhere for their payment solutions, which is OK with us. In fact we guide prospects to engage a local digital payment provider for language reasons, intimate familiarity with local legacy payment, or if the customer wishes to be delivered faster than we can promise. Our guidance customers are interested in the benefit digital payment systems can provide, but are unsure about the technology, its operation and its unintended consequences. We lay it all out, high-quality training and mindful guidance. We have a lot of patience, and you come out very knowledgeable; confident to decide how to arm yourself with this new powerful capability: digital money payment.

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