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Seller is paid more than fair market price, buyer pays less than fair market price
It's the magic of self-referential BitMint Digital Coins. 
You Are Invited into the Future of Trade

The magic happens by convincing people to use their hard earned dollars to buy short lived digital money: vanishing "Paradoxas". A slate of merchandise is auctioned off against these Paradoxa coins (and no other). A piece of merchandise will go to the highest bidder regardless of the market value of the merchandise. The sellers will divide between themselves the hard dollars used to buy the vanishing Paradoxas. The hard money paid by the non-wining bidders resolves the paradox where the seller is paid more than fair market price while the bidder pays less than fair market price.

It is BitMint digital money technology that powers up the Paradox, and replaces the boring marketplace with a game of strategy, risk taking and probability calculus -- suspense and entertainment elevate trade into a new experience. Lively trade builds up industry and ushers in prosperity. So watch out for Paradox. Early registration accepted. 

* * * 

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