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The Simplest,
Most Reliable
Digital Money.

BitMint Financial Language writes money the same way in your e-wallet, and in your checking account; you move your money to your phone where it behaves like cash, and you deposit it in your bank account where it is payable through the bank. Convenient, Secure. That is the advantage of the BitMint Financial Language. It is the simplest way to write money so that like the dollar bill, it has a value and it has an identity. But unlike the dollar bill, the identity of the BitMint coin is digital -- serving as a cyber hook for cryptographic means to identify the money as yours, and even to limit its use to what the payor intends for the money to do


Peer-dependent crypto coins find it hard to execute fast and small transactions.  BitMinting these coins solves this problem. The optimal solution is to BitMint the local currency, and use a BitMint network (The InterMint) to trade internationally.

Crypto currencies -- from Bitcoin through Ether -- are based on complexity theory which identified mathematical challenges not expected to be solved in a timely manner.  If the attacking computers are not faster than the ones we know today, and if the attacking mathematicians are not smarter than the ones we rely on, then this premise may have some grounding -- indeed these currencies flourish.  Alas, (i) faster computers are coming -- quantum computers, and (ii) smarter mathematicians are already busy.   It is therefore that crypto currencies are wrong headed -- despite their popularity and the rise in valuation.  

The right way is BitMint.  We achieve the capability one associates with digital money.  But BitMint is not minted with complexity algorithms.  

BitMint Loyalty
BitMint P2P

BitMint Loyalty Platform offers you maximum flexibility to fashion rewards as well as inducement to customers and prospects. Top security, transferability, online and off-line.

Only with BitMint P2P you can pay digital money off-line; pay and get paid cash-like, without identifying the other party.  BitMint P2P circumvents the mammoth card-payment networks (Visa, MasterCard, etc...)

We identified BitMint as the only candidate qualifying as a universal digital representation of worldwide currencies.

"Digital Marketplace Unleashed"  Springer 2017

BitMint is a new idea of digital cash. It breaks with all historical conventions of secure money. It solves the "change" problem. And it offers more than just money. 

Giesecke & Devrient , Munich, Germany, 2017

BitMint Credit

BitMint mints 'negative coins' which are passed around as credit, using the same platform as cash. New versatility,  and new efficiency.

BitMint Social Justice

Setting up BitMint Life Cycle Coins that are pushed at the bottom end of a community, and are eventually taxed at the high end, with market forces steaming ahead in between.

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