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BitMint Support for
Ad Hoc Messaging Networks

The need for free communication is much greater today when Big Tech monopolizes the news, and the community conversation via 'free' but monitored services  are  arbitrarily silenced. In rural areas and poor countries millions are left without a vibrant peer to peer communication platform. For both needs the solution technology is well known: ad-hoc messaging networks, with no central hub, no fixed messaging routes and no censorship. It is the same basic idea that powers the Internet: forming a series of 'stepping stones' from transmitter to recipient. Alas, when these stepping stones are individual nodes they need to be incentivized. And hence many ad-hoc connectivity solutions deploy a crypto currency platform. Crypto currencies themselves require peer incentives -- which slows them down. The BitMint solution is to use centrally minted money in micro and nano denominations to remunerate the stepping stone nodes. BitMint money flows the fastest possible, and is hinged on local fiat currencies. Developing areas could be financially primed -- participants are given money tethered to the messaging network use, to get started. BitMint offering centralized digital currency is completely blind to the content of the fueled conversation, which happens ad hoc, securely with no 'Big Brother' to keep dissidents out.
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