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Mint Design, Implementation and Operation


We tailor our technology to any cyber exchange of value situation on any scale, from limited coin-of-merit awards, to full-fledged national fiat currencies, including investment instruments, debit and credit, loyalty coins and other instances.


COVID-19: BitMint Emergency Payment Solutions


Preparing for a prolonged state of emergency, the BitMint team is adjusting its technology to support the civil order as it struggles to withstand the stress of the pandemic. We offer solutions for fast equitable payment to the most vulnerable among us. We developed anti-hoarding, and anti-price gauging solutions for necessities, and we offer effective solutions for socially minded national wealth distribution to help us all go through this viral onslaught.






Migration to Cyber Financial Systems -- Consulting


Competitive pressures impress on all businesses and financial institutions the need to consider, evaluate, and take some action in the form of a gradual, perhaps limited, migration from the "old ways" to cyber financial reality. This is a daunting task requiring a combined technical and financial savvy. It is where BitMint comes in: we offer our long accumulated insight, our experience and high training reputation to help businesses and financial institutions of all sorts, consider, evaluate, and possibly take action to join the bandwagon of 21st century money. On account of COVID-19 social distancing, we offer training and consultation 100% online.

BitMint Investment Coins

Top Investment Houses Issue Tradeable Coins, Packing a Balanced Growth Investment Formula

Two investment clients of the same investment house will be able to trade BitMint coins reflecting the balamced investment formula recommended by the bank. Thereby avoiding (i) payer sale of instruments, (ii) payer passing the cash to payee, (iii) the payee acquiring the same instrument spread. The BitMint investment coin passes the investment package directly from payer to payee.

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BitMint Investment Coin

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Future BitMint $1000 mint-coins, can be purchased until September 20th 2021 for $975.00. Purchasers will receive first edition of the BitMint  $1000 mint coin -- expected to rise in value, as a collector item.

BitMint Loyalty Money

BitMint Loyalty Money

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BitMint Coins of Merit

Reward Civic Engagement with Exclusive Coins -- the Only Way to Purchase from a Civil Award Website
A community of civic activists may establish a reward program where community service work is compensated with BitMint Coins of Merit, which is the only currency accepted in a Civil Award Website feauturing exclusive art work, contributed by participating artists
BitMint Coin of Merit

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 BitMint Tailor-Made (Turn-Key) 

BitMint offers its customers the technology of the money of the 21st century. Since BitMint is a newly designed mathematically optimized language of money, its advantage applies to anything financial, from sub-money (loyalty coins), through private closed-loop exchange, peer-to-peer, business, government, international, credit management and investment instruments.

We review with our clients their needs and strategies and then tailor a proposal for using BitMint technology to develop a critical business advantage. We do turn-key jobs, collaborative-development, or consulting-only, as is most fitting in each case. 

We also "blind-license" our technology to be used in a private mode (ethical restrictions apply).

BitMint money language has an intrinsic security advantages. We can apply it for that purpose only, into payment and financial management systems that use legacy digital money (value only, no identity). Especially recommended for financial ecosystems with high security vulnerability, or large amounts of money.

BitMint payment language technology is uniquely advantageous for the Internet of Things, allowing IoT devices to pay and get paid. BitMint is open for collaborative development of such applications.

BitMint does not run a payment shop, nor provides actual payment services. We deliver the technology and the products; train, guide and assist our clients to run their own payment machinery.

Pro Bono: BitMint is prepared to waive license fees for use of its technology for purposes consistent with social justice. BitMint Life Cycle Coin technology is a stable, fair, financial ecosystem where the people at the financial bottom are injected with BitMint money that fires up the economic engine of the affected society.




P.O.Box 1022, McLean, VA 22101, USA


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