BitMint Technology

BitMint is a technology hub pioneering novel thematic innovation through the methodology of Artificial Intelligence Assisted Innovation (AIAI).  Combining material sciences and computer sciences, with financial insight,  and recognizing quantum randomness as the cyber oil that powers cyberspace, BitMint is marching on with 23 awarded patents and about three dozen more in the pipeline.  We focus our new technology on the dramatic promise of cyber finance, and secure exchange of value.

BitMint awarded patents: (partial list)

6,823,068 * 8,229,859 * 9,471,906 * 10,395,053 * 10,445,730 * 10,467,522 * 10,523,542 * 10,541,808 *  10,541,954 * 10,594,480 * 10,608,814 


BitMint products and technology (software and hardware) are driven by the recent realization that the rise of commercially available quantum grade randomness is a game changer. Skillful deployment of randomness throughout cyberspace is the call of the hour, and we are up to it.

Here we focus on the effective use of quantum-grade randomness as the critical ingredient for construction of a comprehensive financial platform, designed to move and store money fast, efficiently, conveniently, and most importantly: securely.

​Money becomes digital -- this train is moving and it is not going back, not halting either. Since 2009 the momentum was with bitcoin -- creating and facilitating a new currency. At the time Prof. Gideon Samid described bitcoin as "alchemy" -- the craft the predated chemistry, was overly ambitious, and totally failed (despite being practiced by revered luminaries like Isaac Newton). Yet, the underlying ideas were reshaped and gave rise to chemistry which turned out to be such a cultural life changer. Similarly bitcoin, and its imitators, are the modern version of alchemy, while BitMint is the modern version of chemistry.

BitMint is technologically the most efficient way to achieve dematerialization of money. It is mathematically optimized to express digital money as the digital image of the familiar banknotes and jingling coins . 

Today digital money is a number in a memory address, it has no identity. Banknotes in your wallet, and coins in your pocket -- each has a material embodiment making it distinct and identifiable. BitMint money shares this all important feature: BitMint cash is like old cash: each BitMint coin has a value and a unique identity.

This is the distinction that underlies BitMint bold claim that BitMint coins will be the money of the 21st century, and BitMint financial platform will be the universal rails for everything financial: credit, saving, investment, and special purpose money.

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