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BitMint Coins First Editions (Collectors)

Open Registration for purchase of first edition of general purpose fiat currency

Increasing number of countries (China in the lead, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Ecuador, .... ) are going through dematerialization of their fiat currency. BitMint believes that its minting formula is the mathematically optimized way to replicate material cash, and therefore when all is said and done BitMint money will be used to express dollars, yuans, euros etc.

As of now this specter faces a regulatory mountain to be climbed, and pervasive inhibition by the enormous inertia of identity-less digital money, which is the norm today. It is not clear when, and not which country will go for it first. BitMint protocol is currently minted to be used as a payment solution, as loyalty money, private coins, and investment instruments, leading to its deployment for general purpose fiat currency.

While we cannot say when BitMint fiat dollars or fiat euros etc., will be minted, we do expect the digital money revolution to accelerate in the near future, and so we open a "Registration of Interest" by coin collectors to be notified when the first edition of any fiat currency will be BitMint minted. Registrants will be notified ahead of time, and will have the opportunity to pre-order minted BitMint coins. 

Send no money now, just register to be notified.

Get Notified on Pending First Editions (coins)

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