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Bitcoin Mania: The Chinese Angle

The 11 years old crypto currency has jolted up to its highest value ever, toying with $28k. Is the world wising up to the claimed message of this revolutionary currency, preparing to set it up as the world money? The heavy bitcoin traders are spreading this claim. The truth of the matter is hiding in China. People with good connections have stealthily leaked the word that the People's Republic of China plans surprise announcement to coincide with the inauguration in January of the new American President. This announcement will include a statement of landmark achievement in quantum computing, big advancement in maintaining qbit coherence. This new capability will destroy the mathematical complexity that keeps bitcoin humming. The coin will sink instantly. Heavy traders have a vested interest to prime up the price, and get out of the market ahead of its down spiral. Rumors are not facts, and the breakthrough announcement might come later, but people in the know are gaming the system, hoping to get out in time. Place your bets! We, at BitMint are ready to offer the benefit of digital money without being vulnerable to quantum computing attack.

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